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Contact Us: Counties along the U.S.-Mexico Border Initiative Christina Lopez- Gutierrez,   Project Director 291 So. La Cienega Blvd Suite 308 Beverly Hills, CA  90211 Main Border Office:   575.233.2920    or
Welcome!  The U.S. Counties along the Mexico Border Initiative was established to provide support to communities to  address behavioral health problems in the 24 contiguous counties along the U.S.-Mexico border.  The impact of substance abuse prevention is more effective and likely when communities solve their own  substance use/abuse and related problems by implementing the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to  identify risk and protective factors, assess needed resources, plan activities to address problems identified,  implement culturally appropriate evidence-based programs, practices and policies, and evaluate for  effectiveness.  This initiative will train prevention providers, living and working in all venues within the Border area on the SPF in  order to extend and enhance efforts to prevent and reduce behavioral and associated health issues across the  U.S. Mexico Border Counties.   The U.S. Counties along the Mexico Border Initiative is housed in El Paso, Texas and is dedicated to infusing  the SPF within communities along the U.S. Mexico Border to strengthen their behavioral health systems and  services. 
Webmaster:  support@borderspf.org
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